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Calendar: December 2010

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Wednesday, 1st, 7 pm, Village Community Building, Elberta Parks and Recreation Committee meets to discuss trail maintenance, sledding party, Elberta Arts Council, Elberta Alert newspaper

Thursday, 2nd, 6 pm, County Sheriff’s Office, 505 Michigan Ave. (US-31), Beulah: citizens’ Public Safety Committee, organized by Sheriff Rory Heckman, meets.

Sunday, 5th, 1 pm, Village Library, Frankfort Ave., First Public Meeting regarding the Elberta Alert

Thursday, 16th, 7 pm, Village Community Building, Regular Village Council Meeting

Sunday, 19th, 1 pm to 7 pm, Historic Waterfront Park shelter off M-168, Elberta Winter Solstice Festival! Sledding, snowman contest (first, second, and third place prizes), bonfire, hot dogs, and hot chocolate. Celebrate the longest night of the year and the beginning of winter. Why not?

Foghorn: Grease Our Wheels

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Is anyone deep-frying a turkey or anything else for the holidays? Several area residents use vegetable oil to power their diesel cars, and they’d love to come and get your leftovers. You’d be doing them a favor and keeping the grease out of BLUA and the landfill. Contact or call 231-399-0098 for more information, or just say where you’ll be leaving it. Covered containers preferred.

A little green Elbertian refuels.

Council Meeting Report: We Didn’t Start the Fire (or the Sewage)

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The last meeting of the Doug Holmes–led Elberta Village Council convened last night. Next month, December 16, will see the new council members under Reg Manville take the reins. Attendance was high, at 18. Among the luminaries present were local developer Scott Gest and newly elected District 3 county commissioner Marcia Stobie.

Doug Holmes had some parting advice for the new council: appoint two representatives to the fire board right away (to replace himself and Charles Hendershott), and don’t miss any of the board’s quarterly meetings. Mr. Holmes has served on the fire board for eight years and says fire department personnel have received cost of living wage increases every year. They have never been denied equipment requests, and they have “the jaws of life now, pumpers, tankers … I would say their equipment is second to none in the county.” The fire chief currently draws a salary of about $50,000 per year, and there are two part-time positions the chief wants to make full-time.

The fire department is shared with Frankfort, and just one member is a Village resident. Read the rest of this entry »

The Guns of November

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What’s that sound ringing out at the indecent hour of 8 am? You crack open an eye, curse the sun coming in through the curtain, and, there it goes again. For the past week or so, shots have been heard several times a day as hunters “sight mark”—test their sighting equipment—in preparation for deer season, which starts today. Sometimes it sounds like it’s coming from the marsh, sometimes from up on the bluff. The Alert set its sights on local outdoorsperson Jonathan Drury and tagged some information.

“As of October 1, it’s bow season for deer. November 15, it’s rifle and shotgun (regular firearm) season for deer for 15 days, until the 30th. Until the 14th you could have also shot upland birds including woodcock and ruffled grouse and late turkey,” says Drury. (Only one turkey total!) According to the 2010 Hunting and Trapping Digest, you can shoot a turkey with a crossbow, bow and arrow, shotgun … basically if the weapon is longer than your arm, you can use it.

A body-gripping trap, as shown in the 2010 Michigan Hunting and Trapping Digest

Foghorn: Underground Utility Lines

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If the village could get a grant to revamp the power/phone/cable lines to underground status, the problem with tree height and growth would be mute. It would be so nice to have a clear view of the bay (without utility lines) and it would make the commercial area for the village much more attractive. If you want to see an example, drive through Mesick.

Send anonymous or signed rants, gripes, queries, or even kudos to, subject line “Foghorn.”

Parks and Rec Report: Ideas a-Poppin’

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The Elberta Parks and Recreation Committee held its regular meeting last night at the Village Community Building. In attendance were new member Arthur Melendez and prospective new member Jennifer Wilkins, along with chair Bill Soper, Connie Manke, Village president-elect Reg Manville, and Lisa Schrader-Confer. Trustee-elect Linda Manville came out of Shear curiosity, and Megan Louwsma came to give the results of this Farmer’s Market season.

Parks and Rec’s purview is wide-ranging: discussion topics included new servicing for the market park Port-a-Pottys,

Scientists have located the part of the brain that deals with Elberta.

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Calendar: November 2010

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Visit the public Elberta Alert Events Calendar here.

Wednesday, 10th, 7 pm, Community Building (behind the old Bay Valley Inn): Elberta Parks and Rec Committee meets to discuss new arts initiatives, use of public space

Thursday, 11th, 7 pm, 670 Crystal Ave., Frankfort: Friends of Betsie Bay meets to discuss fund-raising, eradicating invasive phragmites in the bay, membership drive, the Water Festival, ongoing litigation re: condos

Sunday, 14th, 7 pm, 670 Crystal Ave., Frankfort: “FRED” Meeting on the City Council agenda, part of a series of monthly citizens’ gatherings with FF council member Fred Stransky, ahead of each month’s City Council meeting.

Wednesday, 17th, 7 pm, Frankfort City Hall: Frankfort Planning Commission public hearing on completed draft zoning ordinance

Friday, 19th, 8:30 am, Benzie Conservation District Board Meeting

Saturday, 20th, 4 pm to 6 pm, Elberta United Methodist Church: Community Chili Dinner. All are welcome!

Monday, 22nd, 11:30 am, Lighthouse Café: Meeting of the Phragmites Eradication Subcommittee of the Friends of Betsie Bay, to discuss strategy and funding

Tuesday, 23rd, 12 noon to 1 pm, 5885 M-115 Frankfort Hwy, Lunch-and-Learn with Grow Benzie: Lasagna Garden. Eat and discover how to grow a “lasagna garden.” Suggested donation $10, or $5 plus any of the following: vegetative kitchen waste, grass or garden clippings, nonglossy newspaper (no glossy pages, straw, yard waste, compost,  sawdust, pine needles, a friend.

It’s Planning Season: Have Your Say Before Someone Takes It Away

In Infrastructure and Planning on November 10, 2010 at 10:49 am

These are tense and exciting times. Yes, I know, you say, what with the Republican Party taking over the House, and the economy flatlining and the final four… [insert whatever sports thing—PS: the Alert is looking for a sports columnist]. No, no. Forget the national scene. What’s happening right here, right now, that will affect your future in ways you’ve never even thought about?

Frankfort is developing its master plan and zoning ordinance right now, and so is Elberta. Public hearing and comment are still in the offing (Frankfort’s next public hearing is November 17 at City Hall), but so far the attendance has been small, considering the topics under discussion. Frankfort is weighing how it will handle alternative technologies—how tall will the wind towers be, and where? what are the possibilities for energy independence in the form of a garbage-vaporizing new technology? People tend to zone out when they hear the word zoning, and we shouldn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Keep Turkeys Flying out of Glen’s

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Each year, Community Spirit Food Bank produces 10- to 15-serving Thanksgiving gift packs for area families facing a lean holiday. This year, as may be expected with our continued crap economy, the demand is very high.

Melanie Herron, a nurse at Paul Oliver and a Community Spirit volunteer, fielded a total of 70 requests last year; this year she’s already received 35, relatively early in the month. Community Spirit is asking for donations to meet demand. Each meal package costs $30. To donate, you go to Glen’s and ask to fill out a gift certificate for that amount to the Community Spirit Food Bank. When folks come, they get a package with all the trimmings.

To request a package for you or someone you know, call Melanie Herron at 231-352-6833, soon. If you need a ride to Glen’s to pick up your package, call Suz McLaughlin at 231-352-7669.

Why Aren’t the Lights On?

In Infrastructure and Planning on November 9, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Elbertians, navigating the array of road construction disruption since June, watching the stimulus-funded beautification of Old M-168 unfold, have been eagerly awaiting one key feature of the improvements: LED lamplight! But with work completed ahead of the October 30 deadline, many have been wondering, Why the heck aren’t the lights on yet?

They will be tonight, according to Sharyn Bower, Village clerk, who spoke with Don Zimmerman, the electrician in charge of the hookups. Indeed, some residents may have noticed them being lit this past Friday (though this writer did not); Zimmerman and son turned them on that day. Zimmerman speculates that Consumers Power may have shut them off when they “did their thing” on Friday (presumably, hooked them up to the meters).

The upshot is, all 22 LED lamps should be lit tonight. Let the late-night jogging, dog-walking, and loitering begin. Old M-168 is ours now (with all that entails). Let’s start wearing it out.—Emily Votruba