Salted with Sharks

Keep Turkeys Flying out of Glen’s

In The Mess Deck on November 9, 2010 at 6:54 pm

Each year, Community Spirit Food Bank produces 10- to 15-serving Thanksgiving gift packs for area families facing a lean holiday. This year, as may be expected with our continued crap economy, the demand is very high.

Melanie Herron, a nurse at Paul Oliver and a Community Spirit volunteer, fielded a total of 70 requests last year; this year she’s already received 35, relatively early in the month. Community Spirit is asking for donations to meet demand. Each meal package costs $30. To donate, you go to Glen’s and ask to fill out a gift certificate for that amount to the Community Spirit Food Bank. When folks come, they get a package with all the trimmings.

To request a package for you or someone you know, call Melanie Herron at 231-352-6833, soon. If you need a ride to Glen’s to pick up your package, call Suz McLaughlin at 231-352-7669.

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