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Parks and Rec Report: Ideas a-Poppin’

In Culture Bluffs, Infrastructure and Planning, Open Season on November 11, 2010 at 12:27 pm

The Elberta Parks and Recreation Committee held its regular meeting last night at the Village Community Building. In attendance were new member Arthur Melendez and prospective new member Jennifer Wilkins, along with chair Bill Soper, Connie Manke, Village president-elect Reg Manville, and Lisa Schrader-Confer. Trustee-elect Linda Manville came out of Shear curiosity, and Megan Louwsma came to give the results of this Farmer’s Market season.

Parks and Rec’s purview is wide-ranging: discussion topics included new servicing for the market park Port-a-Pottys,

Scientists have located the part of the brain that deals with Elberta.

trail markers and other improvements for the Conservancy bluff trail (and the Village’s responsibility to maintain it), ideas for this year’s Christmas decorations, the necessity of monitoring Farmers’ Market vendors (some of whom are rumored to be nonfarmers who buy wholesale, sometimes from out of state, and sell retail at the market), potential fund-raising methods for the Village, and a possible sledding party this winter. It was a lively, friendly meeting with everyone contributing good ideas for getting the community together.

Linda Manville presented a notion developed with Diane Jenks of a Winter Wining party to coincide with Frankfort’s Shiver by the River. Since Shiver ends at 4 pm, Winter Wining would be a way to continue the festivities over on our side.

Meg Louwsma let us know that the Farmers’ Market netted over $2,000 for the Village this season. Some discussion was had of a slight rate hike for vendors, since Elberta currently has the cheapest fees in the county. The idea was raised of selling Farmers’ Market T-shirts and bags out of the Village Office and through a PayPal button on the Village website.

There was some discussion of expanding the community-use possibilities of the Library. The Village breaks even on heating and other maintenance costs for the building by renting it out to the township for meetings. The possibility of having more Village meetings at that site, as well as opening the building to the public and offering free WiFi there was discussed. The building is in need of some repairs, the extent of which needs to be investigated.

A new subcommittee of Parks and Rec was formed, the Elberta Arts Council, the brainchild of Michele Cannaert at the Conundrum Café. Arthur Melendez will chair that subcommittee. Look for exciting community arts projects to come out of that group. If you’d like to share your own ideas and join discussions already in progress, go to the EAC’s wiki page.

It’s easy to become a member of Parks and Rec: Simply submit a short letter saying you’d like to join to Sharyn Bower, Village clerk, at the Village Office at 151 Pearson St., behind the Library. But you don’t have to be a member to attend a meeting. Keep your eyes peeled here and at the post office for notice of the next meeting.

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