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Foghorn: Monument to Edison Berryhill!

In Foghorn, You Mist It the First Time on January 18, 2011 at 6:56 pm

The Alert recently spoke with a longtime Elbertian about Edison Berryhill, an unsung hero of Village maintenance…

There really ought to be a monument to Mr. Berryhill, who was our department of public works person for many years. He collected garbage twice a week and took it to the old landfill out at the end of Zimmerman Road. He plowed all the roads and the sidewalks. He was tireless and did almost all the work by himself. He just had an extraordinary amount of energy—when he was on leave from the Village during the summer, he would work at the Cherry Factory that used to be next to the Cabbage Shed. He was in charge of grading all the roads, which were all gravel back then, and he did it with a big machine that made a terrifying racket. He did a wonderful amount of work for the Village and nothing’s dedicated to him, and there should be.

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