Salted with Sharks

Garlic Mustard Pull in Elberta Tomorrow!

In Calendar, Foghorn, Green Elbertians, Open Season on May 27, 2011 at 4:34 pm
Tomorrow, May 28, we will be pulling garlic mustard from South Elberta Dunes. This conservancy property is soon to be transferred to the village of Elberta, along with the task of pulling garlic mustard. The conservancy has been pulling garlic mustard at this site for several years now, and the garlic mustard is sparse and patchy. There are flowering plants scattered along deer trails on the backside of the dune. With your help, the pull should not take very long at all. [And garlic mustard is supereasy to pull. And you can eat it. And Liz is superfun to hang out with no matter what you’re doing.—Ed.] We will meet at the sign on M-22, just south of Elberta, at 10 am. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, because there is a lot of poison ivy growing along the trail. Hope to see you there! Please call me if you have any questions: (313) 408-2514—Liz Padalino

Look at this nasty, horrible stuff. May it rot forever in plant Hades.

Liz Padalino
Invasive Species Program Coordinator
Northwest Michigan CWMA

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