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One-Minute Reviews: The Frankfort Dog Park

In Culture Bluffs, Open Season on July 17, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Frankfort’s fantastic off-leash dog park is the place to be with your dog Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Started by Jordan Bates, Aubrey Parker, and John Vinkemulder in May 2010, the place has become a hit with local dog owners. Recent head counts have registered up to forty dogs and their masters and the word is spreading fast. Located inside the fenced-in track at Frankfort High School, it’s a safe place to come and socialize your dog. I’ve brought my dog, Schmee, several times, and while never much of a butterfly, the Schmee is gradually learning to romp with the rest. All dogs are off-leash and it’s up to the owner to determine whether their dog will behave, but Jordan, Aubrey, or John, who are excellent with their own and other dogs, are typically on hand to welcome you, give pointers, and monitor pooping. Doggy bags, in a stand, have been available and these and the park as a whole are being maintained by small, voluntary donations. So far, according to John Vinkemulder, there have been no complaints from the public, the school, or the track team about this human and animal playing field. It’s the owner’s responsibility to remove his or her dog’s contributions … so bring a bag to scoop just in case, and a buck or two to keep things running!—Thomas Votruba

Dog Park Hours: Thursday 7 pm to 8 pm; Saturday 10 am to 11 am (Open for approximately one hour both days.)

For more information call/surf: (231) 715-1899;

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