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(Re)Paving Paradise: Council Accepts Roadwork Bid

In Infrastructure and Planning, On and off the Apron, Politics on August 9, 2011 at 6:40 pm

The Village Council held a special meeting on Friday, August 5, to review a bid put in by Ron Brown & Sons for various street repair projects around the Village. The bid came in at $28,092 for fill and resurfacing work on Lincoln Avenue from Bigley all the way to the stop sign at Grant; on George McManus at M-22; on White Street where a sand hole has “boiled up”; on Pearson starting at M-22/Frankfort Avenue; and on Washington Avenue. The money will come out of the Major and Local Streets fund, which receives appropriations from the state of Michigan and which currently has a balance of $52K.

Reg Manville pointed out that as a general rule he would like to avoid special meetings such as this one, which cost the Village $350 per in extra fees paid to Council members. He said in the past it was not unusual for five or six special meetings to be held annually.

Linda Manville asked whether this special meeting was necessary or if Council could have voted on the roadwork bid(s) at the regular August council meeting on the 18th. Ken Bonney said it was important to get the work under way immediately in order to avoid working into the wet season.

The Ron Brown & Sons bid was approved.

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