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Proposed Lawn Maintenance Ordinance: 8 Inches

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2011 at 12:00 pm

The Village Council is considering a lawn maintenance ordinance for the Village, modeled on Frankfort’s, which requires all lawn grass to be maintained at a height of no more than 8 inches. The complete text of Elberta’s ordinance will be available to the public in the Village Office by October 15, and the ordinance will be up for a vote at the council meeting on October 20.

Frankfort’s ordinance, reviewed at the council meeting on September 15, reads as follows:

Section 51103. Yard Maintenance and Duty of Owner  51103.1  Every owner of property within the City shall maintain his/her property in a safe condition and free of debris and rubbish. Except for trees, gardens, and other landscaping, all growth shall be cut and maintained to a height of not more than eight (8) inches. 51103.2  If any owner does not comply with this Section, the Superintendent may issue a corrective order as provided by Section 3403. Should the owner fail to comply with this order, the City may perform the necessary work. The cost of the work may be collected by suit or in any other manner permitted by law.

Village Treasurer Laura Manville said at the September 15 meeting that failure to comply with the ordinance could result in the Village mowing the property and charging the property owner by the hour for the work completed. If the property owner fails to pay the bill, it will by added to that property owner’s tax assessment for that year.

  1. Lawns consume water, fertilizers, and often “need” pesticides/herbicides. Lawn mowers consume gas and oil and produce noise and greenhouse gases and weekly yard waste.

    Lawns have very little value beyond visual appeal and the cost of maintaining lawns in America is $40 billion a year. (source:

    It is basically a tax on home-owners that encourages them to produce greenhouse gases and water pollution.

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