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Phragmites Eradication to Begin

In Foghorn, Open Season on September 23, 2011 at 1:56 pm

The Village of Elberta and several area property owners have given permission for phragmites eradication on several sites in Frankfort and Elberta. The invasive “common reed” has been known to overtake wetlands and shorelines, destroying native habitat for fish and wildlife, and has been successfully fought off in Beaver Island, Onekama, and Emmet County. The Friends of Betsie Bay in partnership with the Cooperative Weed Management Area, the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, and the Nature Conservancy have undertaken to secure funding for eradication this year and for the next two years. The following is a press release by the Friends of Betsie Bay.

Wildlife and Wetlands Solutions will be applying herbicide to the Betsie Bay, Betsie Lake, and Betsie River shoreline to control invasive phragmites between Sept 24 and Oct 10, 2011. Our target date for this project is September 27th, but weather conditions must be conducive for a foliar spraying by a State licensed aquatic applicator from Wetlands and Wildlife Solutions, of Traverse City.

This collaborative effort for the 2011 season has been funded by several grants from the Nature Conservancy through the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and the Cooperative Weed Management Area on behalf of the Friends of Betsie Bay. This will be the first of likely a 3-year project to control phragmites.

Phragmites is controlled using glyphosate, imazapyr, a surfactant and a tracer dye. Application will occur by foliar spraying with a backpack sprayer, by boat or using a tank sprayer with an ATV. Signs will be posted to all treated areas stating the date of application and listing water restrictions.

PLEASE NOTE: Water access is restricted for 24 hours during the application process to avoid contamination. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for the many fall recreational activities such as fishing, boating, etc. We’re hoping this minor inconvenience will be far out weighed by the future health of this bay area.

A risk/benefit statement concerning herbicide treatment is available at the municipal offices of Elberta, Crystal Lake & Gilmore townships and Frankfort. Or visit the Friends of Betsie Bay at Also check this edition of the Record-Patriot’s legal ads for an abridged version of the statement. For more specific information on the herbicide application procedure or timing of application, please contact Wetlands and Wildlife at (231) 943-0762 or visit

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