Salted with Sharks

Sunset: Ruth Nanni

In Sunset on September 30, 2011 at 1:33 pm

A full-time Elberta resident since 1952, Ruth Nanni spent summers before that visiting her grandparents here, in the house her grandfather built from $100 worth of green lumber bought from Crane’s. She taught the Village children how to tap dance, how to find the books they wanted at the Elberta Library, and how to have fun while learning scripture at Elberta United Methodist Church. Later, she was the leader of the Kitchen Katz Kitchen Band, a kazoo band that traveled all over the state entertaining in senior homes, schools, and in parades. She passed away last Thursday, September 22, at the age of 90. She will be greatly missed at council and township meetings, where for a long time she was one of the very few regular citizen attendees, and at Elberta Alert Editorial Team Sunday meetings, where she also almost never failed to show up and give her two cents. “Tootie” was also a regular on the Benzie Bus, which got her pretty much everywhere she needed to go outside of the Village. She was sharp-witted, self-reliant, full of good ideas, and whole lot of fun till the end. Her memorial service will be held tomorrow, Saturday, October 1, at 1 pm, at the Methodist Church she so loved, and she will take her last ride, per her wishes, in a horsedrawn carriage to Gilmore Cemetery.

Ruth Nanni in her home last March, holding one of her home-made kitchen band instruments.

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