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Proposed Lawn Maintenance Ordinance

In Foghorn, Infrastructure and Planning, Open Season, Politics on October 18, 2011 at 10:32 pm

At the regular Village council meeting on Thursday, the Board of Trustees will consider the following wording for a lawn maintenance ordinance (see enclosed pdf). There will be opportunity for public comment at the meeting as the wording is reviewed. The ordinance would then come up for a vote as soon as the November council meeting. It’s quite a detailed document, much more elaborate than the Frankfort ordinance on which it’s based. Note in particular the list of unacceptable weeds, and the requirement that vacant lots be mowed to a depth of 30 feet from the street.

Proposed Lawn Maintenance Ordinance Village of Elberta

  1. looks to me like a way to keep people from having food gardens the way the language reads. do you have to be a resident of gilmore township to attend the meeting.

    • The meeting is open to the public. If you want to speak at the meeting, it’s customary to say where you live when you introduce yourself before making your comments during public comment.

  2. This is ridiculous. I will certainly be at, or send my comments, to the next village council meeting. They are making Elberta a mockery. If the village really wants to adopt this plan, they should have to submit, in writing, their plan to maintain public areas to this standard. The small parks in our village look absolutely awful at least 80% of the time. The sandbox is filled with grass, the grass is long, there are weeds, goose feces… I understand wanting to make our community look better but perhaps we should help foster some pride in our village rather than ordinance it to death. GIVE ME A BREAK! (P.s. for those of us not party to being able to use village equipment for personal use i.e. asphalt, loader, lawn equipment etc. this is also unfair!)

  3. Tall grass? What about true blight such as old cars, scrap metal and various garbage lying around in some village yards. The village needs to address these problems before they worry about green leafy plants that are adding oxygen to our air.

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