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Join Park and Rec!

In Open Season on November 2, 2011 at 2:28 pm

By P&R secretary Jennifer Wilkins

In keeping with the popular village subject of lawns and the looks of surrounding houses in town, I would like to invite any Village of Elberta or township of Gilmore resident to go to the Village office and hand in your written request to be a member of the Village of Elberta’s Park and Recreation team.

The current team has a lot of ideas to beautify our tiny Village and would welcome many more. Park and Recreation is in need of creative, supportive, enthusiastic people to help create and be a part of seasonal fundraising activities that will benefit the continuation of the Village beautification process.

Wouldn’t you like to have a say in what your Village looks like? Come join us now!

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Wilkins has jumped into Park and Rec with both feet. A couple of weeks ago she completed the repainting of the two propellers in the Marina Park and the anchor memorial. Maybe you noticed them looking just that much spiffier. This is just one of the ways a little bit of elbow grease and not much money can have a big impact on our civic spirit.

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