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Redistribution of Turkeys 2011

In Calendar, The Mess Deck on November 8, 2011 at 11:08 am

Once again, the Community Spirit Food Source will facilitate the arrival of turkey dinners into the homes of our neighbors in need for the Thanksgiving holiday. Last year the program handed out 85 spreads, each including a 10- to 12-pound fully cooked turkey, potatoes, dressing, rolls and beans, and each ready to eat—perhaps you know of families or individuals in our area who have no functional kitchen to speak of. You can imagine what a blessing it is to be able to celebrate this American tradition the way most everyone else does.

You can donate one of the abovementioned entire meals for $35. (Alert readers may notice that Glen’s has raised the price by $5 this year.) Give a whole meal or make a contribution in any amount payable to Community Spirit Food Source, dropped or mailed to the following locations:

  • Melanie Herron, 1201 Elm Street, Frankfort 49635
  • Jinx Jenks, Shear Class Salon, 703 Frankfort Ave, Elberta 49628
  • Suz McLaughlin, 670 Crystal Ave. Frankfort 49635

For more information, please call Mel @ 231-352-6833 or Suz @ 231-352-7669 or email or

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