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Road Blocked to Beach Driving

In Crime, E Beach, Open Season on April 24, 2012 at 1:24 pm

A barrier has been placed at the end of Elberta Beach road as of this morning. The action was prompted by a rash of calls and complaints about beach and dune driving, including several new paths cut, over the past few weeks. This barrier is a temporary measure until a more permanent solution can be found. Driving on the beach off the designated road is a state and federal offense, as the dune is a protected wildlife area. In addition, the property beyond the road is private.

  1. This is such an unfortunate but rather constant activity that always seems to rear it’s ugly head in the spring! I know over the years there’s been conversations about making midnight to the wee hours trips to the top parking lot which affords a pretty good overview to this illegal activity. I know in the past Sheriff Rory Heckman was very supportive of this citizens ‘monitoring’ activity and suggested this might be very helpful for catching the folks engaged in this activity. Perhaps we should re-visit this patrol idea and connect with Sheriff Heckman…?

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