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Questions for Sheriff Candidates

In Crime, Politics on June 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Ahead of the League of Women Voters candidate forum, sometime in July (TBA here), the Alert asked several community members what they’d ask the candidates if they could. Here are the results, in no particular order. If you have additional questions, please post them in comments here or on the Facebook page.


• When will the Terry Sutter case be solved, and also the Luedtke fire? If the dept. is not able to resolve [these cases], are they willing to turn the investigation over to an agency that would bring them to a conclusion?

• What are your thoughts on the Village of Elberta’s problems with beach and dune driving, and excessive speeding down M168? How would you help?

• How do you feel about the amount of time currently served by convicted criminals in Benzie County?

• How long have you lived in the Benzie County area?

• Have you worked for the Benzie Sheriff’s Department, and if so, for how long? What was your reason for leaving?

• How would you rate your overall record with the Sheriff’s department as a police officer?

• How do you anticipate the difference between being a standard police officer and being sheriff?

• Tell us about your family life.

• Is heterosexual marriage an important title/bond to you?

• What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

• What changes would you make to the Sheriff’s Department?

• In what ways has Rory Heckman done a good job?

• What do you think of the close election last year between Rory Heckman and sheriff hopeful Brant Downing?

• If you had been sheriff at the time of the Luedtke tragedy, how would you have handled the case?

• What role does social media play in today’s sheriff’s department?

• What will the word “transparency” mean to you as sheriff in regard to the Benzie County Sheriff’s Department?

• Do you believe there is a need for more community media, radio, newspapers? How would you make use of local media?

• Elberta Beach: Should the two tracks [current off-road trails] be left available for the public to enjoy/use?

• What is your favorite thing about living up north?

• What is your biggest fear/concern for the Benie County area?

• Who would you rather have coffee/conversation with, Michael Jackson, Jerry Garcia, Michael Vick, or Ellen Degeneres?

• What is your stance on the decriminalization of marijuana?

• Given our budget constraints, what are some ways in which you would stretch our taxpayer dollars in terms of crime prevention?

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