Salted with Sharks

Sheriff’s Dept. Investigating Platte Valley Auto Sales Fraud Allegations

In Breaking, Crime, On and off the Apron on September 7, 2012 at 11:33 am

Sheriff Rory Heckman said this morning that the Sheriff’s Department is in the middle of its investigation of alleged fraud perpetrated by Platte Valley Auto Sales owner Dave Purchase and his sister Brenda Purchase.

Asked if any arrests were planned, Heckman said, “We are right in the middle of an investigation right now as we speak. It’s a little premature for me to predict any outcome but I can say that the Sheriff’s Department is investigating.”

According to Heckman, Judge James Batzer issued the order to impound all vehicles on the site: “He issued a restraining order for all property, including the vehicles, to stay on the property and not be removed or tampered with in any way.”

The Sheriff’s department has fielded several calls already from people who have purchased or financed vehicles through Platte Valley Auto Sales or have consigned vehicles for sale there.

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