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Leaked: Consumers Power Line Map

In Green Elbertians, On and off the Apron, Politics on October 5, 2012 at 2:48 pm

An anonymous source gave the Alert a copy of the map below on Thursday morning. The source said the map had been presented at the Blaine Township board meeting Wednesday night and was taken by someone present at the meeting. The Blaine Township board had invited Consumers Energy reps to attend their meeting because the township leadership was interested to learn more about Consumers’ plans for lands being acquired in their area.

The Alert spoke with Consumers Power land acquisitions representative William Carlson at 11:30 this morning by phone and described the map. Carlson said he was not free to comment to the media about the map, and that the information was proprietary and was not meant to be public. He took our phone number and said he would tell the Media Department to contact us right away. After three hours, I decided to post it. —Emily Votruba

UPDATE: Just got a call (3:30 pm) from Roger Morgenstern, media rep for Consumers. He says the map presented to the Blaine leadership was a proposal and is not final. They took some questions from Blaine and will be incorporating that information into a revised proposal that they will be bringing again before the Blaine board. Morgenstern said the easement for the line is 160 feet wide, and that only 80 feet of that would be cleared (40 feet on either side of the poles).


Map presented at a Blaine Twp board meeting Wednesday night and passed on to the Alert Thursday morning by an anonymous source.

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