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2011 State Audit Report

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A little over a year and a half ago we learned we’d scored an “8” on the Public Act 4–created score sheet for municipalities’ fiscal health, which effectively placed us on the state government watch list for possible Emergency Manager intervention. The Village leadership assures us that we’re “on track” (Ken Holmes) and that our auditor didn’t find anything for us to be particularly concerned about this year. Treasurer Laura Manville has been working closely with the State for several years now to provide them with frequent updates on our progress toward reducing our deficit. Still, as you can see from this report, we have a long way to go—and when you hear Village leaders talking about how we don’t have any money, they’re not kidding.

Audit reports for all localities may be found on the State Treasury Department site.

Here’s Elberta’s: Village of Elberta 2011 State Audit

  1. Grrr! No Frankfort!!! This is EXCELLENT to post this…Thank you!

  2. Cities have a completely different fiscal year than villages. The audit for the City was recently performed but not yet finalized. This will occur soon and submitted to the State Treasury. Nonetheless, FY 2011/2012 went very well for the City of Frankfort.

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