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Election Results 2012

In Breaking, Politics on November 6, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Our turnout was about 73%, down from 2004 (79.2%) and 2008 (77.9%). 478 ballots were cast, including 5 from overseas.

Thank you to election workers Carole Anne Lee, Pat Appleton, Cathleen Christie, Nancy Wing, and Charlie Hendershott, with great assistance from Sharyn Bower. Poll watchers were Karen Roberts and Mike Madden.

New Village trustees: Jennifer Wilkins (113 votes); Joyce Gatrell (98). Ken Holmes was re-elected with 94 points. Bill Soper was not re-elected (86).

In the new District VII county commission race, Donald Tanner won Gilmore with 274 vs. Adrian Poulisse with 175.

We voted no on all the ballot proposals.

We voted for John Mead (268) over John Daugherty (140) for probate judge.

We voted for Gary McDowell (288) over Dan Benishek (149) for Congress.

We voted for Debbie Stabenow (321) over Pete Hoekstra (131) for Senator.

We voted for Allen O’Shea (291) over Ray Franz (166) for District 101 State House rep.

In the sheriff race, we voted for independent candidate Coury Carland (220) by a small margin over Ted Schendel (201).

And for president of the United States, we chose Barack Obama (289) over Mitt Romney (177). Three of us voted for the US Taxpayers candidate Virgil Goode, and three for the Green candidate Jill Stein.

For more detailed results, including number of write-ins, see the photos of the official ticker below. And thanks for playing!

As a pdf: Gilmore Elberta Election Results 2012

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