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January Parks and Rec Report: Preparing for Solstice

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Regular Meeting: January 10, 2013. The Parks and Recreation Commission meets the second Thursday of the month at the Elberta Library at 7 pm. This report is adapted from the official P&R Minutes written by VP/Secretary Jennifer Wilkins.

President Connie Manke called the meeting to order at 7:25 pm (membership was waiting for another member to arrive to make a quorum). Those Present: Connie M., Jennifer W., Grace W., Emily V. and Bill O.  Guests: Shayna V.

Committee Reports

Elberta Dunes South Trail: No change. It was unclear when the next meeting of the Dune Park Committee was going to be. Reggie Manville had mentioned an upcoming meeting at the December council meeting.

Beach: Beach and dune driving has continued through the winter, including visible (by track marks) efforts to cut the sharp corner from the lower beach parking lot up to the steep drive. In addition, it appears someone has driven across the metal cable barrier just behind the “Road Closed” sign at the bluff lookout in order to access the road down to the beach. Concerned residents have been taking photographs of offroading vehicles. At last check, no donations had been made to the Village for its beach road/signage project. Donations may be made at the Village Office or on the special Village website page.

Vandalism in Waterfront Park: Someone has been driving up and/or down the hill by the Amphitheater. Also, a $300 camera that was donated by Bill Soper to monitor beach driving activity, but which was instead placed in the Waterfront Park, is now missing.

Solstice Committee: 1 person has signed up to be a Solstice Committee member, bringing the total to 7. First meeting discussed the February 16 Chili Cookoff and silent auction fundraiser after the Shiver by the River at the Cabbage Shed. Organizers are looking for chili contestants and silent auction item donations. Please contact Jennifer Wilkins at 231-651-0798. Last year’s chili cookoff raised over $900 to fund the family-friendly food and music festival, which has no admission charge. The next Solstice Committee meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 27, at noon at the Elberta Library.

Elberta Historic Preservation Committee: No news.

Unfinished Business

The 5 year Recreation Plan is due for an update. Emily V. will look into getting copies of updated maps and is calling Sarah Lucas to see if NMCoG needs to be the one who updates the recreation plan. [Sarah confirms that NMCoG does not necessarily have to be involved and she has sent guidelines for how to update the plan.] Jen is getting a copy of the 2010 census for the Village to add to the updating process. The Parks and Rec team have indentified some changes to the old plan. It’s expected not much of substance will change. Parks and Rec will present its proposed changes to Council for approval; the updated plan will be made available to the public for examination. A public hearing will be held to take public input and that input will be incorporated into the plan. This all has to be accomplished before April. Having an approved Recreation Plan is necessary for certain grant applications. The old, 2008–2013 plan can be found here: Village of Elberta Recreation Plan 2008-2013

The Christmas tree sales made a profit of $550.

New Business

Park and Recreation fundraiser ideas discussed. Merchandise such as T-shirts and car stickers were discussed, as well as weekly Bingo. A motion was made to make arrangements for a burlesque/vaudeville show fundraiser at the Cabbage Shed after the Water Fest on April 12.

Named-routered Planks and Picnic tables fundraiser. We need a router! Should start the process in the spring. The plank fundraiser has made over $140. Go to the Village page to order yours.

Sue Oseland would like to apply for a grant to receive a card swiper for purchases at the Farmers Market. Receiving this technology would require her hours to be raised a certain amount to complete the necessary paperwork from items purchased by credit, Bridge or SNAP cards. The equipment and cellular service would be free for a year then a monthly fee for services would occur. A motion was made to raise Sue’s hours for monthly paperwork completion and pay for the monthly service fees after the free year, provided the grant is received. Details, prices and amount of hours needed will be presented to the Council for approval.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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