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Gilmore Township Meetings Roundup, November and December

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By James Ward

November 13, 2012—Board members present: Ron Beyette, Carl Noffsinger, Doug Holmes, Laura Manville, and Sharyn Bower. Guests: Donald Tanner, Carolee Ness, James Ward

Donald Tanner, newly elected County Commissioner for our district (VII), thanked the voters for their support. He discussed the upcoming process of allocating funds for the Centra Wellness Network, which includes the Upper Peninsula and northern regions of the Lower Peninsula. The Commission on Aging will also be reviewing the allocation of funds to continue their services. Mr. Tanner also discussed possible future harbor management funding for dredging Betsie Lake. He noted that the Council of Governments (CoG) held an initial meeting on November 7 concerning the Betsie River watershed project and its future management.

There were no questions on the Treasurer’s Report.

Clerk Sharyn Bower said there was a high voter turnout (72.9 percent) in the November election. According to Donald Tanner, eleven of thirteen precincts in Benzie County required recounts.

The Board discussed the great success of the stairway project at the short end of Grace Road. The stairs established a structured path to the beach of Lake Michigan and the cost of the project remained within the grant fund of $25,000. The $850 left over was used for tool maintenance/reimbursement.

Old business included update of the maintenance of Gilmore Cemetery. There were no major concerns.

It was discussed that MDOT should remove rumble strips in unnecessary areas of short Grace Rd.

A Planning Commission hearing was scheduled November 19. The Commission currently has lawyer fees of $2,400.

◊         ◊         ◊         ◊         ◊

December 11, 2012—Board members present: Sharyn Bower, Carl Noffsinger, Ron Beyette, Doug Holmes, Laura Manville. Guests: Mike Fiebing, Dennis Holcombe, Marcia Stobie, and James Ward

Dennis Holcombe presented the new zoning regulations for Gilmore Township to the board for approval.  The Board expressed their appreciation for Mr. Holcombe’s efforts. The draft of Gilmore’s zoning ordinance is available here, as will the final version when ready.

Guest Mr. Mike Fiebing introduced himself as the new recycling director. Styrofoam recycling is scheduled Saturday, December 15. Disposing of Christmas trees will be done at Smittys. He informed the board that solid waste advisors are needed. The Board of Commissioners will soon update the solid waste plan. Also planned is a day to collect household hazardous materials.

The Treasury Report was accepted.

Clerk Sharyn Bower reported that recounts were completed from the recent election. However, one contested ballot could not be recounted because the bag was not properly sealed. A total of $582 in CZM grant money is still available. Ψ

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