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Panthers Wring Out the Glen Lake Lakers 42-41

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Reporting by Kelli Stapleton 

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January 24, 2013—Frankfort–Elberta Men’s Basketball, state ranked for the first time since the ’70s, under the coachmanship of Elberta mayor Reg Manville, faced the Glen Lake Lakers, who were 9-1 coming into the game.

According to coach Manville, who asked Pete Sandman, the Panthers’ now 10-0 winning streak is one of the longest in 100 years.

This game also marked the debut performance of the Jr. Panther dance crew. Boys and girls from the elementary school danced at halftime under the direction of Vickie Slater of Get Up and Dance. This was adorable. The Frankfort Panther even danced with them.

The Panthers won the game with a basket in the last seconds. According to Ms. Slater, the student body rushed the floor in triumph.

All was not victory, however. According to Ainsley Stapleton, 12, sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Hammon had an unfortunate fall down the bleachers and had to be carried out of the game with a badly sprained or perhaps broken ankle. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Below please find the full winter sports schedule. Till next time, stay safe and sportsmanlike.

UPDATE: coverage in the Record-Eagle!

2012-13 Frankfort Winter Sports

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