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Gilmore Township Meeting Report, January

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By James Ward

January 8, 2013—Board members present: Ron Beyette, Carl Noffsinger, Doug Holmes, and Sharyn Bower. Guests: Dennis Holcombe, Mike Jones, James Ward

Recent personnel changes include the resignation of Michael Barnes from the Township Planning Commission. Connie Barnes was approved to be his replacement.

The new zoning regulations were approved with amendments. Amendments included: junkyards will be 20 acres instead of 10 acres; hunting hours of sport clubs will abide by DNR regulations; removal of Light Manufacturing from Article X 10.4, D.

Clerk Sharyn Bower requested payment of Charter Internet Services from the board because it was compatible for access to the State Election System. The expense was approved and will be included in the new budget.

The minutes and treasury report of the December 11, 2012, Gilmore Township meeting were approved.

The Township Board expressed their gratitude for efforts by the Planning Commission to complete the new zoning ordinance. Dennis Holcombe received special recognition from the Board. Mike Jones also expressed his support and gratitude to Mr. Holcombe and the PC members. Ψ

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