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News from Homestead Township

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By Jeffery D. Stratton

The Homestead Township board met February 4, 2013, at 7 pm in the township hall in the Village of Honor. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, roll call, approval of the agenda, and the approval of last month’s minutes.

PUBLIC COMMENT Eagle Scout Travis Oder, who is working on a badge, presented a project to the board to clean up the Homestead Township Park. He would power wash the bleachers, and paint and stain them where needed. He asked the board for their help in providing the necessary items to make this happen. The Board, who are in the process of doing the budget, said they would get back to him.

NEW BUSINESS The fire department presented a new fire protection agreement with Platte Township. Homestead Township will continue to provide fire service protection for Platte.

The fire department asked the board to look over a request for bids to purchase a new tanker/pumper truck at an estimated cost of $240K–$280K. The current truck has many mechanical issues: leaking tank, underpowered engine, and braking issues.

The fire department is also looking to replace their air pack systems for breathing in a burning house. Currently they have 14 air packs bought in 1998 and would like to replace them with more current and safe systems. The old units weigh 29 lbs. and the newer units weigh 14 lbs.

The board reviewed their current wages. The Clerk and Treasurer would be getting a 2% pay increase since they have not had an increase in a few years. The Supervisor declined her increase because she felt that since she was new to the board that it was not warranted at this time. The board trustees would not be receiving an increase at this time.

The Village of Honor came to the township board asking if the board would be willing to help with the issue of the ? (“Wonderland”) building. The building has been condemned and the Village is still in litigation with the property owner.

The township board is currently looking for people to sit on the Parks Board. These positions are strictly volunteer.

OLD BUSINESS The board is still looking for a grant for a generator to power the fire department in case of power failure.

The board is reviewing whether to allow the hall to be rented for commercial events. Currently township residents can use the hall for free for things such as weddings and graduations.

Habitat for Humanity has removed all the old cupboards and doors from the rental house next to the township hall. The fire department will be using it as a training building on February 20. The house was bought for future expansion to the current facility.

The fire department has a 1953 fire truck they wish to sell. They still are trying to research the value of the truck as it is before they put it up for sale.

The meeting was adjourned around 9pm. Ψ





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