Salted with Sharks

New County Property Maintenance Rules Are Intensely Detailed, Possibly Unconstitutional

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Thanks to the Joyfield Residents group on Facebook for making the pdf of the new county property maintenance code available. We haven’t actually read it yet, but you can! We’ve heard it’s pretty strict, which should please lovers of neatly trimmed grass, but cause some headaches (and pocketbook aches) for those with “working” yards, and even those who just don’t always pick up after their dog in their own yard. One provision prohibits homes from being left vacant for more than a month. Fines can be over $500 a day. The code was adopted with a vote of 6 for, 1 against—that one no being Elberta’s own Don Tanner, chair of the County Commission.

The commissioners will likely discuss the code again at the March 26 meeting at 9 am.

Stay tuned for a report later today on why Tanner voted against, why he’s got an unlikely ally in Joyfield Twp trustee Mark Evans, and why Roger Griner and Frank Walterhouse voted yes.—Emily Votruba


  1. This code is really nothing new. When I was the Branch County Electrical Inspector we could already do these things. I remember one particular instance where the building inspector and I condemned a whole apartment building with 4 families in it. I was so unsafe that no one should have been living in it. The families moved out. I always had the power company come disconnect the power from buildings that were deemed unsafe. It was tough to do, but necessary. I didn’t want people to be hurt because I didn’t do my job. But the problem is how do you enforce it? This was brought up at the last Homestead township meeting what to do with these types of property. But like one board member said the didn’t have the money to prosecute the homeowner.

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