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International Property Maintenance Code Rescinded (Audio)

In Breaking, Community Alert, Gov't Watch, Infrastructure and Planning, Law & Order on March 26, 2013 at 5:23 pm

BENZIE COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER—The county commission voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance rescinding their adoption of the International Property Maintenance Code at this morning’s regular county commissioners meeting. Members of the media were there (Record–Patriot, TV 9&10, and others), and more than 120 members of the general public. A show of hands, initiated by commission chair Don Tanner, revealed that almost all those in attendance had come to express their opposition to the code.

Below is a link to a very poor quality recording of the first part of the meeting. You’ll also hear Sheriff Schendel and some members of the public and other county employees make their case for the need for 5 more patrol officers. Please excuse both the quality of the audio and the occasional editorial comment from the member of the public holding the recording device! My views do not necessarily reflect those of the Alert newspaper or those of its other writers/editors/readers.—Emily Votruba

County Commissioners Meeting Public Comment on IPMC 20130326 130226

  1. Thank you, Alert for this exceptional public service. Being able to hear what happened at the meeting was very important to us.

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