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Gilmore Township Meeting Report, February 2013

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By James Ward

February 12, 2013

ELBERTA LIBRARYPresent: Laura Manville, Carl Noffsinger, Doug Holmes, and Ron Beyette. Guest: James Ward

The treasurer’s report was accepted.

New business included the approval of Charlie Hendershott, Ken Holmes, and Bob Delanoy to the Board of Review.

Further New Business included the following: The Axtells had submitted a request to take down a tree in the Gilmore Township Cemetery that could possibly damage to their lot. Motion was made to table the issue until more information was available.

A motion was made and passed not to provide financial assistance to the Snowmobile Safety Program as requested by the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office.

Marvin Blackford, the Gilmore Township Assessor, requested by letter for the Board to incur allowed fees charged by the Assessor if a Property Transfer Affidavit was not filed within 45 days of sale. A Property Transfer Affidavit is required by law. In addition the request noted that the Township Treasurer would be responsible to collect the fees. The Board decided there were many questions concerning this request and more information was needed from Mr. Blackford.

Meeting adjourned. Ψ

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