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Frankfort Planning Commission Hard at Work on Medi-Mari, Alt-Energy Ordinances

In Green Elbertians, Infrastructure and Planning, Law & Order on April 16, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Herewith are three handouts from the Planning Commission meeting of April 9, 2013, provided to us by Planning Commission chair Bruce Ogilvie: the Annual Report for 2012, the most recent draft of the Medical Marihuana Caregiver Facility (Land Use) Ordinance, and the Alternative Energy Ordinance Draft.  “These ordinance drafts are just that—the best thinking to date on the subject. They have not been approved or voted on by the PC or presented to the City Council for consideration,” says Ogilvie.

The moritoria on medical marijuana and alternative energy continue until June 30, 2013. The Commission hopes to have the two ordinances ready for a vote by the City Council in May.

Frankfort Alternative Energy Ordinance DRAFT for April 9 2013 Public Hearing

Frankfort Medical Marihuana Ordinance DRAFT for Public Hearing April 9 2013

Frankfort Planning Commission Annual Report for 2012

  1. This ordinance for medical grass, as currently written, is unconstitutional within MI State law and a prime example of Agenda 21. Why not form another DDA for medical marihuana issues and development?

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