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Little Marina Park Dock Tops Out, Making Way for Possible Boardwalk Project

In Community Alert, Gov't Watch, Green Elbertians, Infrastructure and Planning, Open Season on April 17, 2013 at 9:31 am

Roving Alert reporter and photographer Jen Wilkins informs us that Ken Bonney and Charlie Hendershott removed the dock tops from the Marina Park inlet yesterday, as directed by Council. She says: “It looks good. They even stacked them nicely at the end there for anyone who wants them to come get them. Only one broke and is standing on end, he said he’d get it tomorrow [Wednesday, today] with the other side docks.”

Council/DPW are hoping people will take the opportunity to use the dock tops as planters or for other purposes, which will save the Village the cost of disposal.

Council and Parks and Rec have been discussing putting a boardwalk around the inlet on the existing support beams. Former trustee Bill Soper took this us as a matter of concern last year. He felt the dock tops, which were askew and loose in places, were unsafe and that especially now with the lack of water and the deep muck in the inlet, posed a serious hazard. —Emily Votruba

A post without a dock top, at the Marina Pond Park, captured by Jennifer Wilkins after the tops were removed April 16.

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