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Putney Team Responds to PC’s Request for Additional Information on “Elberta School Apartments” Plan Ahead of Hearing Tonight

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By Emily Votruba

Last night (May 6), the Alert received an email from Loy Putney’s attorney, Bradley Putney, with answers to some of the questions the Planning Commission asked at the first hearing on his proposed Elberta School Apartments, on April 16. According to Village attorney Edgar Roy, a number of the questions were sent to the Putney team in writing before that first hearing, but at the hearing the Putney team did not have answers prepared. The second hearing is scheduled for tonight at 7 pm at the Elberta Library.

May 6 letter from Brad Putney to Village attorney Edgar Roy regarding Planning Commission questions.

May 6 letter from Brad Putney to Village attorney Edgar Roy regarding Planning Commission questions.

In the letter above, Brad Putney said he would provide the 21 page pdf of answers to the Village Hall (presumably the Village Office) this morning. View the pdf here Putney Team Answers to the 4-19-13 List of Planning Commission Questions

  1. Holy Crapfest!!! thanks for posting…

  2. 5-27-2013
    To Whom It May Concern
    This letter is in response to the recent news flurry regarding a proposed agricultural labor camp in Elberta. Mr. Putney’s family has been farming for over a hundred years. He has been housing migrant workers his whole life. He moves families from one dilapidated building to another. He lacks the foresight to maintain his agriculture labor camps. His recent purchase of the former elementary school in Elberta is a good example of not planning ahead.
    Small cities and villages, by design, are not zoned agriculture. This includes the former elementary school building in Elberta. Mr. Putney has always known this, but prefers to challenge the Village of Elberta with his nephew, Brad Putney, attorney at law.
    Mr. Putney needs to follow local and county laws and upgrade the property to Apartments. With the change in use, inspections can be made to make sure the building is safe for all residents. The building was built in a time when lead paint and asbestos were used predominantly. It is important young families are not exposed to these poisons.
    Holly O’Dwyer
    Village of Elberta resident

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