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Free Yoga for Veterans at Betsie Hosick Fitness Center

In Community Alert, Health, Our Men and Women in Uniform on May 19, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Starting next Saturday, Memorial Day weekend, Betsie Hosick Health & Fitness Center will offer a free yoga class at 1 pm. Eric Pyne will teach this weekly class. Betsie Hosick is located off 115 at 102 Airport Road, near the Frankfort Airport and next to Charlie’s Natural Food Market. Call (231) 352-9661 for more information.

Why did you decide to offer this class for veterans?                                                                                              For some reason, yoga in the U.S. has gotten the image of being a rich ladies’ sport.  In fact the roots of yoga can be traced to the physical and spiritual practices of ancient warriors. I’m offering the class for free because I feel a duty to the men and women who have put our country above their personal safety.

What if someone’s never done yoga before?
If you’ve never done yoga before, TRY IT.  It is scientifically proven to reduce stress.
What particular school or system will you teach?
I have been trained in a type of yoga that was developed by Roger Eischens. He studied with B.K.S. Iyengar, and adapted his methods to the body types he saw in the U.S. I make no claim to be part of any particular school or system.
How should people prepare for this class?
Please prepare for this class by wearing clothing that you are comfortable moving and sweating in.  If you have a yoga mat, belts, or blocks, please bring them.
What if someone is badly injured?
Please bring any injuries you have to my attention, especially if they are currently causing pain. I’m offering this class specifically in the hope that sharing the training I have had will be of some use in healing.
What can students expect to happen during each class?
People should expect an opportunity to use their own awareness as a tool for healing. I will give directions for poses and breathing and ask questions. Class is expected to last for an hour and a half.

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