Salted with Sharks

Elberta Odd Jobs: The Saw Filing-Man » Pat Moyna boys

On June 10, 2013 at 11:50 pm

1946: On the front walk looking across the street at the Weksler House on the left and the gazebo of the La Rue house on the right. Both properties were owned and built by the Crane family, who owned several of the mills in town. The boys mugging the camera are (front to back) Bill Moyna, who had recently returned from service as a glider infantryman in the 13th Airborne Division in France. Bill returned to service during the Korean Conflict as a career Air Force officer. Next to Bill is brother Gene, a remarkable youth who overcame incredible odds to become an elementary teacher and principal after his service, also in the Air Force, during the Korean War. Behind Gene is his best friend, Doctor Kenny Bishop, middle son of dear family friends (grocer) Gene and Lila Bishop.

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