Salted with Sharks

Elberta Odd Jobs: The Saw Filing-Man » Pat Moyna Earlene 826 Frankfort Ave

On June 10, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Winter of 1945: My Sister Earlene in front of Earl’s 1941 Chevy. A good view of the house at 826 Frankfort Ave. Tourists often stopped to ask about the “unusual roof.” Not obvious in this photo was that the gable ends of the roof were cut off or “hipped” by a Swiss carpenter named John Weiss whom Earl hired to re-roof the place while Pa and Ma visited his mother in Detroit. Pa asked him why he did that and John said, “So it would look right.” He explained that all the houses where he came from in the Alps were built like that, to reduce snow and ice damage in winter. Ma was furious until tourists started stopping to comment on how unique and stylish it looked. Margaret Davidhizar, who lives there now, painted it black and had the gable ends restored.

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