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JR’s 2nd Annual Fireworks

In Breaking, Community Alert, Culture Bluffs, GOOD NEWS, Kid Stuff, Uncategorized on June 28, 2013 at 1:33 am

A free fireworks display comes once again to the Village, brought to us by J. R. Duncan, when night falls this Saturday, June 29. All are welcome. Duncan said last year the fireworks could be seen from River Road, but you might want to get a better view. Duncan suggests parking along 22 or in front of the Elberta Library, or at the ball field at the end of First Street.

JR made a presentation to council at the June meeting, asking if he might use a public park for the display. Council members felt the display might subject the Village to liability; Marcia Stobie mentioned that the new state fireworks law also forbids private citizens to set off private displays on public property.

JR asks everyone who attends Saturday to please be respectful of other people and their property and to “leave only footprints,” as the Boy Scout saying goes. He says he has cleared the show with the fire and sheriff’s departments, his mortars are all well within the legal size limit, and he’ll be taking all fire appropriate fire prevention measures. If it’s half as good as last year, it’ll be quite a treat. (Donations appreciated, but the show is free.) Thank you, JR!

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