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Talk Time with Mabel Little

In GOOD NEWS, Historic Elberta, Kid Stuff on June 29, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Back in December, Alert youth editor Merren Garber interviewed Mabel and Allen Little. Today, June 29, the venerable Elberta couple celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary.



UPDATE 6/30/13: Patricia Little, Morris’s daughter, wrote on Facebook to say that her mother was called Patsy, and that her grandfather Al did work in former AA Railroad property as Yard Master/Clerk at what was then the Commissary building, before moving to Manistique and becoming Superintendent of the AA Railroad there.

  1. Warmest congratulations to Mabel and Alan on their 73 Anniversary. I have only known one couple who celebrated their “Diamond Jubilee” 75th anniversary, my great aunt & uncle Will and Margaret (Conboy) White. My brother Mike was great friends with Alan and Mabel and some of her sisters. Mike and Alan went to school in Elberta at the same time. I think Alan was 2 years older than Mike. They remained good friends and Mike always made a point of stopping to see them when he was in town and I was usually with him, They were our last stop in 1995, the last time Mike was able to make the trip from Florida.

    I often see them when I am up north in the summer, usually at the diner in town for breakfast, where I meet most of my old family friends. I look forward to seeing them later this summer. In the mean time, If you see them tell them I said Hi and convey my best wishes and kindest regards. Pat Moyna

  2. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. Mabel and Al Little are my Great Aunt and Uncle. I really enjoyed reading this. Congrats and much love to them on their anniversary. Kathy (Salensky) Hembree

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