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Parks and Rec Meeting Wrap-up

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July 11, 2013

The Parks and Recreation Commission held its July meeting in the Duck’s Head this evening because the Library was in use for a rescheduled meeting of the Gilmore Township Board. Gilmore normally meets in the Library on the second Tuesday of the month, but this month that night was given over to the special council meeting on the Putney special use permit. Sharyn Bower and Laura Manville hadn’t realized there was to be a regular P&R meeting tonight. No big deal—the commission members in attendance (Jennifer Wilkins, Grace Banktson Williams, and Emily Votruba) as well as Solstice Committee member Michele Cannaert, enjoyed the sun and some food from the newly opened El Berto’s Taqueria.

Since there wasn’t a quorum, no decisions could be made, but there was lots to talk about.

Solstice seems to have netted about $1,900, but the bills for the Port-a-Johns and BaySide Printing services are still outstanding, so it will be somewhat less than that.

Jen said Ken Bonney had received some applications for the full-time DPW assistant position and was going over them. The Employee Relations Committee (Reggie Manville, Matt Stapleton, and Joyce Gatrell) will also review the applications and make a recommendation to council. Ken is in somewhat desperate need of an assistant. He is legally required to have a certified second person to help him with his water system inspections, for one thing.

According to Jen, almost all the stakes and signs Ken and Charlie Hendershott put up on June 27 were gone (yanked/burned, etc.) after the Fourth of July festivities; Ken will install more so that Elmer’s will be able to see where to do the grading for the Lakeside Boulevard project.

We discussed ways to get volunteers for next year’s Solstice and agreed to write up detailed task descriptions for various aspects of the events; Solstice involves a variety of jobs large and small and we’re considering using the site Volunteer Local (which we heard about from Amy Daniels-Moehle, outreach coordinator for Lakeside Shakespeare) to get people committed to helping with very clear, set tasks way ahead of time.

Market Master Sue Oseland had reported to Jen (the Farmers Market council liaison) on a case of noncompliance; one vendor was allegedly selling items that vendor had not produced. EFM wants to maintain its status as a true farmers’ market, so part of Sue’s job is to make sure that all the vendors are either selling their own produce or are an employee of a local farmer/producer selling local goods. Last year a vendor was found to be selling melons he had purchased downstate. That vendor was barred from doing so. According to Jen, if a vendor is found to be selling goods not their own, they are not kicked out of the market for good but are told to cease selling those particular items.

We briefly discussed holding another Mushy Peach film festival this year. We agreed that last year’s week of Rich Brauer films was, though awesome and fun, also a bit hectic, and that perhaps two or three Mondays in August would be better; still, everyone’s still exhausted from Solstice. If we do it this year we’d like to showcase short films by locals. We’d need to purchase/borrow a digital projector and speakers for this purpose. If you’re interested in showing a film or films of your own, please contact Emily at Maybe we’ll get it together at sort of the last minute, who knows. Parks and Rec does own a screen now, thanks to Josh Herren.

A meeting of the Dunes Neighbors and two representatives from Parks and Rec will be held at the home of Cheryl Gross next Tuesday. In attendance will be members of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. They’ll discuss how to incorporate the goal of completing a beach road and other beach and park improvements into the Village’s official five-year Recreation Plan, which is not yet finalized. Information gathered during the Rec Plan public meeting held in April will be incorporated as well, and a final public hearing on the plan will be held sometime TBA. A new draft of the plan will be made available here on the Alert site and also on the Village website. Stay tuned! In the meantime, Parks and Rec welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please send them to Jennifer Wilkins at, subject line “recreation plan idea.”—Emily Votruba

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