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Frankfort DDA Seeks Board Members

In Community Alert, On and off the Apron, Politics on July 16, 2013 at 11:01 am
Letter from Frankfort City Superintendent Josh Mills

Letter from Frankfort City Superintendent Josh Mills


This morning the Alert received the following from Josh Mills:

[T]he City of Frankfort is soliciting dedicated members of the community to serve on the newly created Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  Membership shall consist of business owners, business owner representative, property owner and/or resident of the DDA corridor.  We are seeking seven (7) members, of which, two (2) must be residents living within the corridor.  All other remaining members shall be business owners, commercial property owners and/or representatives of a business or property owner.  This would be a terrific opportunity to get involved and help steer this community toward an enhancement to the social and economic well-being, thus enabling the Frankfort/Elberta community to continue toward improving the quality of life.  This community is wonderful but how can we make the Frankfort/Elberta experience even greater?  How can we create an improved environment that will expand economic sustainability and generate increased investment and job (career) growth?  This community can achieve any goal if we effectively communicate and work together. 

If there are any questions or you would like to learn more about the Frankfort DDA, please contact me at (231) 352-7117 or via e-mail.  The City is engaging the public through DDA membership solicitation by means of a notice published in the Record-Patriot, e-mail blasts and door to door submittal of the attached memo.  [P]lease share with your neighbors.  If you represent a condominium development or apartment facility, please post and/or provide to all associations to ensure that this request is presented to all within the corridor.

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