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Plant It Wild Has Tips for Your Shady Spots

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By Cheryl Gross for Plant It Wild

Plant It Wild is offering “Shade Gardening with Michigan Native Woodland Plants and Ferns” by the landscape expert Brian Zimmerman on  Wednesday, August 28, 7 pm, at Trinity Lutheran Church. Michigan native plants will be for sale at the program.

Shade gardening can be a challenge.  If you have a shady spot in your garden or can create such a spot, you will not want to miss this presentation. Brian Zimmerman, the owner and landscape designer of Four Season Nursery,  will draw on his extensive knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to explain how a landscape designer formulates ideas into a design and then implements it.

Brian spent 24 years working for his father’s landscaping firm before opening his own business, Brian Zimmerman and Associates, in 1996.  The firm is focused on residential landscape design and construction projects as well as post-planting care and maintenance services.  Four Season Nursery is located at 7557 Harry’s Rd, off M-72 near Traverse City and is a member of the Go Beyond Beauty program. Go Beyond Beauty nurseries have committed to keeping high-threat invasive plants out of their retail supply and offer desirable Michigan native plants instead. Mr. Zimmerman has also initiated a Plant Michigan Native program to encourage homeowners to use native Michigan plants in their landscape design choices; he makes the decision easier for his customers by having as many native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers as possible in his inventory.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 28, 7 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, 955 James Street in Frankfort. As a bonus, many beautiful native plants from Four Season  Nursery will be on sale.

Admission to the program is free and open to the public. There will be a social time following the meeting.

Plant It Wild is a Michigan native plant organization whose mission is to foster greater awareness and appreciation of the fragile natural environment of our region. Through direct efforts, we work to preserve, protect and promote the natural beauty of the area and its plant communities. For information contact Phyllis at 231-392-1206 or Carolyn at 352-6962.

Sure, you love your century-plus-old tree, but what to plant under it?

One of two century-plus-old black locust trees on the corner of Washington and Bigley. Wouldn’t trade them, but what can handle the shade under them?

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