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Village Homes: Tex and Terry McGregor’s Place

In Infrastructure and Planning, On and off the Apron, Village Homes on September 2, 2013 at 7:38 pm
119 Frankfort Avenue, August 2013. Photo by Emily Votruba

119 Frankfort Avenue, August 2013. Photo by Emily Votruba

Terry and Tex McGregor moved to Elberta in 2011. Tex (and yes, that’s his real, given name) arrived first and built their blue house with its distinctive stone chimney and large quarter-circle windows on the lot once owned by Jim Clapp.

For several years, the McGregors ran TNT charter service out of Betsie Bay Marina, traveling back and forth to Elberta from their home in Grayling. One day they mentioned to Jim their interest in his property, which had an old house on it. “We told Jim that if he ever wanted to sell he should give us a call, and it wasn’t a month later he said he was ready. I knew I wasn’t going to live in the old house. We tore that down and started building.” Tex moved up to build and Terry followed after retiring from her job in Grayling.

Terry has 28 years of experience working on local government, and she took the process of getting permits in stride. The Village’s zoning ordinance had just been revamped, in 2009. “It’s an odd-shaped lot, so it was a challenge to meet all the setbacks and requirements, but we worked together [with the Village] and everyone was happy,” Terry says.

The TNT Fishing Team continues to operate out of Betsie Bay Marina. “It’s the most beautiful place in Michigan. We have great neighbors, we love the scenery. It just never gets old. We’re totally thrilled here,” says Terry.—Emily Votruba

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