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Little Free Library Comes to Elberta

In Alert Reader, Breaking, Community Alert, Culture Bluffs, Education, GOOD NEWS, Kid Stuff on November 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm

A new “Little Free Library” has opened for business in Elberta. It’s located on the front porch of the Conundrum Café at 603 Frankfort Avenue. Books are available 24-7. If your inner book worm is turning and you feel the need (the need to read) “check out” one of the books. When you’re finished, return the book to the box, or pass it directly on to a fellow reader. Just finished something fantastic? Drop it off inside the box. (Note: Not all 60 volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary will fit.)

This thumbelinesque bibliothèque means Elberta is no longer without a library. “As a librarian, it pained me every day to think that people in and around the village did not have easy, free access to books,” says Michele Cannaert, proprietress of the Conundrum Café. She says she’ll add new books if the inventory wanes.

When the official Little Free Library charter sign arrives, our library will be posted in the LFL website. For more information go to: Thanks for this great addition to the Village, Michele!

Little Free Library on the Conundrum porch, November 2013.

Little Free Library on the Conundrum porch, November 2013.

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