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Treasury Report on the Village’s Internal Controls

In Breaking, Community Alert, Gov't Watch, Infrastructure and Planning, Village Money Situation on November 21, 2013 at 1:18 pm

This report was given to me by two Village officials (on separate occasions). The officials asked not to be named. One of them said I should publish it on the Alert site and Facebook page, the other asked that I wait to do that until after the council meeting tonight, during which some points in the report will be discussed. I have decided to publish it now, the day of the meeting. This report was compiled by state officials in consultation with Village president Reg Manville, treasurer Laura Manville, and clerk Sharyn Bower (who has since retired); I have heard that Diane Jenks and Linda Manville, trustees, also attended a second meeting with state officials. The Village has been given a period of 90 days from the date of the report, October 22, to “create and file with the Department of Treasury a corrective action plan for those areas identified…and those findings as listed in the audit report for the period ending October 18, 2013…. Upon failure of the Village to respond within the 90-day period, the Department may perform the services as needed at the expense of the Village.”

In what I’ve been told is a separate matter (but for which I don’t have anything in writing), the Village has been given until December 5 (according to Laura Manville) to come up with a deficit elimination plan. I have heard that this plan will be the main subject of tonight’s council meeting.—Emily Votruba

Treasury Report on Village Internal Controls

  1. Why not consolidate Elberta with Frankfort? No need for Elberta Pride.

  2. My comment is regarding last evening’s village council meeting and the treasury report. Congratulations to those members of the council who were open-minded enough to consider meeting with a third-party person that may be able to offer creative solutions to the financial situation. From what I observed last night and in the previous meeting last month, this outside person also needs the skills of a marriage counselor to assist in reconciling the differences within the council members and assist in redirecting certain individuals toward a common goal that benefits the community.

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