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Deficit Elimination: A Proposal from Chris Olson

In Community Alert, Gov't Watch, Politics, Village Money Situation on December 26, 2013 at 6:23 pm

The following email and pdf was received by several council members and the Village office today from former Benzie county administrator Chris Olson, in response to president Reg Manville’s request for assistance with the Village’s deficit elimination plan. This information was forwarded to the Alert by trustee Jennifer Wilkins. Tomorrow (Friday) at 6 pm, a special meeting will be held in the Village Community Building to review this proposal. All are welcome to attend.—Emily Votruba


From: Christopher Olson <>

Good morning, everyone, and Merry Christmas to all:

Attached is a proposal to assist the Village of Elberta with achieving an approved deficit reduction plan as well as the corrective action plan for the items noted in the October 22, 2013 letter from the Michigan Dept. of Treasury.
At your convenience, please forward to the Village Council members for whom I don’t have e-mail addresses.  I believe these are Joyce Gatrell and Ken Holmes.
I was trying not to miss anything we covered in our discussions, and hope that the attached is acceptable to you.  I will put forth my absolute best to assist the Village with these matters, including ongoing discussions and follow-through with the State OFR to achieve plan approval.  I look forward to the challenge of the work, as well as to provide value and service to you.
Please let me know if there is more that I can provide, and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Thank you—Chris.

Olson, Elberta village consulting engagement letter, 12-13

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