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Council to Finalize Deficit Elimination Plan Tonight

In Community Alert, Gov't Watch, Village Money Situation on January 8, 2014 at 4:57 pm

By Emily Votruba

Former Benzie County administrator Chris Olson, who was engaged by the Village Board of Trustees to help them create both a deficit elimination plan and an internal controls action plan as required by the State of Michigan, has come up with a DEP for the board to review tonight. The original deadline was January 6, but the statewide snowpocalypse caused state offices to be closed Monday and the finalization meeting set for that day to be rescheduled.

The following documents were sent to the Alert by trustee Jennifer Wilkins. Chris Olson prepared these documents for the board to consider and sign off on tonight. The penalty missing the state’s deadline is a 25% reduction in state revenue sharing.

Again, these documents have not been approved by council yet. I will post the finalized plan here as soon as possible.

In his email today to members of the board, Olson wrote: “It is unfortunate that some of the cuts in hours were as deep as they had to be, but unless there are some new, reliable ongoing revenues, that is what we are facing to achieve the zero deficit status within the 5 years.”

Olson, Elberta Village cover letter for deficit elimination plan, 1-14

Elberta fiscal analysis and deficit elimination plan, 1-14

  1. THANK YOU…I’m kinda excited for Elberta…am I wrong to be so?

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