Salted with Sharks

Friends of Elberta Meet Tonight at Mayfair

In Activism, Community Alert, Culture Bluffs, GOOD NEWS, Historic Elberta, Open Season on February 12, 2014 at 2:16 pm

A new NGO, formed in late January, meets for the fourth time tonight at the Mayfair Tavern at 7 pm. The mission is “to preserve, promote, celebrate, and enhance the quality of life in Elberta.” All are welcome.

Agenda items for this meeting include a recap of the Fire & Ice Skating party the group held on Sunday, February 9 at Penfold (Farmers’ Market) Park. About 50 people attended that event, including many children. Some ice skates were provided along with hot dogs and hot cocoa. Torches lit a pathway to the rink, which was cleared by volunteers. A large bonfire warmed participants.

Future projects to be discussed include creating a walking map/brochure for the Village, fundraising for park preservation, a tribal and immigrant historical marker and flower garden at Penfold Park, a summer block party, and enhancements to the Farmers’ Market.—Emily Votruba

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