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Making It Official: Elberta’s New Zoning Map

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By Patrick McConnell

The Village of Elberta will be getting a new, more comprehensive map soon! I  recently spoke with planning commission member Bill O’Dwyer about the forthcoming zoning map improvements. Below are some of the improvements one can expect from the new map.

• A much larger map that is more defined and easier to read.
• All parcels will be correctly verified, numbered, and colored.

Mr.O’Dwyer made sure to point out to me that other than said improvements to the map, none of the four (4) zones will be altered in any way. The four (4) zones that make up the Village of Elberta will be listed and displayed as follows:

1. R-1 (Residential District)

2. C-1 (Commercial District)

3. P.D. (Deep Water District)

4. D.D. (Development District)

The above district names and codes are in accordance with the zoning ordinance as of 2009.

The new map is being created by Tom Longanbach, Benzie County’s director of equalization, on a GIS computer program. Once finished, the map will be displayed in the village office for all to see.

The Planning Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm at the Community Building.

Many thanks to Bill O’Dwyer for all his help and cooperation in providing the information for this article!


  1. I like that Elberta’s working with Tom! He’s a mappie-geekie man and I could NOT get ole Brucie boy, et al to even consider this!!!

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