Salted with Sharks

Benzie Water Protectors Unite with Standing Rock Wednesday

In Community Alert on November 13, 2016 at 10:49 pm

From Suz McLaughlin: “COMMUNITY fundraiser for STANDING ROCK, Wednesday, November 16, at Grow Benzie, 5-7pm. Soups from local cooks & chefs, breads and dessert…$5 donation.

Let’s show OUR community support for the WATER PROTECTORS of Standing Rock! Their mission is still moving forward, they are on the front lines now. Kareen Lewis, from the Little River Band of Ottawas, will be joining us to speak of her experiences, as an ‘on the ground’ participant at Standing Rock.

PLEASE help spread the word and let’s seek some unity while we nosh on good soups and friendships!


Please consider bringing your own dinner service to save water and waste.

Grow Benzie is located on the south side of M-115 between Frankfort and Benzonia.

  1. THANK YOU, ALERTians!!!

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