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Enliven Your Garden, Save Money, Heal the Earth, Talk to Cool People

In Community Alert on April 7, 2017 at 9:51 am

Grow Benzie continues its project of greening up the county with several spring events. Now is a great time to get your gardening synapses firing, and GB is going to hook you up to a clean power source.

This coming Tuesday, April 11, it’s the State of the Small Farms Dinner at 6 pm, where you can eat delicious food prepared by the Northern Michigan Culinary Arts Community chefs as you learn what our local growers are up to and thinking about. Learn more on Facebook!

The next Tuesday, April 18, earth genius Craig Schaaf continues his lessons on Building Healthy Soil to get the maximum nutrition out of your growies this year and in years to come. This class is potluck enabled and costs $15 to attend.

Save money on trash disposal by setting up a compost pile in your yard—Grow Benzie can show you how. And if you’d rather not do it in your own yard, you can take your waste food to Grow Benzie and return later to retrieve compost that’s ready for mixing into your garden soil!

Benzie Composts holds their annual compost pickup night for finished compost on Tuesday, April 25 at 6 pm. You can come and get yours if you’ve already been participating, or see what the deal is. People who have been dropping off food scraps for the past year will be getting a 5 gallon bucket of ready-to-mix, delicious black gold.

Grow Benzie’s compost area being scoped by current and potential composters. Photo courtesy of Grow Benzie.

Local compost specialists will be talking about their experiences, along with a vermiculturist or two—someone who speeds up their compost production with the help of red wiggler worms.

This year’s Benzie Composts event will also include a potluck dinner and seed exchange. So if you’ve been collecting seeds and don’t really want to plant 5,000 kales, maybe you can trade for some squash or something you’ve never tried to grow before. —Emily Votruba

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