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Special Council Meeting Regarding Elberta Beach

In E Beach, Gov't Watch, Law & Order, Open Season, Public Safety, Wildlife on August 9, 2017 at 1:36 pm

Update! Kristi Mills came through with a recording of the meeting. Thanks, Kristi! It’s a bit hard to hear and hasn’t been edited for levels and whatnot, but it’s worth a listen if you care about the beach.


Here are some of the officials and others who attended the meeting. We thank them! And thanks, Jon Keillor, for taking this photo.

Here are some images that were used during this morning’s special council meeting to discuss where exactly Elberta property and the public “roadway” is, as opposed to Sand Products Corporation and other private property used by Elberta beachgoers pedestrian and motorized. Thanks for the photos, Andy Bolander. I tried to record the meeting but had a tech fail. —Emily Votruba

  1. Due to a work conflict, I was unable to attend the meeting. Where can we learn what was discussed/accomplished at the meeting? Why was the special council meeting called — what were the issues?

    Where do we find additional information regarding motorized vehicle use/regulations for E Beach area?

    • Hi Maureen,
      The official minutes from the meeting should be available soon from the Village Clerk. Unfortunately my recording failed to capture any more than the first 30 seconds of the meeting :(, and I had to leave about half an hour before the meeting ended due to a work conflict. I am about to add a bit more information to this article. Currently offroad vehicle traffic is prohibited by state and federal law on Elberta Beach. Part of the problem with enforcement is that the “road” down there, which does legally exist, is not well designated, and therefore “offroad” regulations are diffcult/impossible to enforce. You can see in some of these images where the actual road is, and in some cases of offroad motoring, for instance when trucks try to climb the dune face, it’s quite obvious that they are going offroad. Another problem is camping, which is occurring down there with no sanitation and without permits—illegally according to state law. But again, with no one to issue citations, this activity goes on. The Village is still in a deficit situation and has no money to provide further sanitation measures, develop the road, or hire enforcement officials.—Emily Votruba

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