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Adopt-a-Beach Cleanup This Saturday

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Here’s the link to last year’s data collection.

Guest Column: Electric Skateboard Debate Ramps Up

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Please help stop Frankfort City Council’s ongoing effort to create an ordinance banning electric skateboards citywide.

By Carolyn Thayer

July 14, 2017

I’m asking for your help to spread the news about the Frankfort City Council’s ongoing effort to create an ordinance banning electric skateboards citywide based on the potential for a public safety problem.

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New Civic Group and Ice Rink Form in Elberta

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By Emily Votruba

The Friends of Elberta met for the first time on January 15. In just a couple of weeks, they agreed on a mission statement and held an event, the Fire & Ice Skating party on February 9.

The Friends’ mission is to “preserve, promote, and enhance the quality of life in the Village of Elberta.” The new group took particular inspiration from the natural ice rink in Penfold Park made possible by this year’s cold winter. Penfold Park, aka the Marina/MiniPond/Farmers’ Market park, is located at the juncture of M-22, old M-168, and the Betsie Valley Trail.

Bill Soper, Eric Pyne, Emily Votruba, and Bill O’Dwyer began making the rink back in January. They just wanted to skate. After determining that the ice was safe (well over 16 inches throughout) they cleared the pond with a snowblower, shovels, and brooms. Then, with help from Village DPW superintendent Ken Bonney, they flooded the space with a pump and a hose. It’s no Sochi, but conditions are good enough to get a glide on.

“We could challenge Benzonia in pond hockey,” Bill Soper suggested.

Soon other people noticed the rink. As snow accumulated again over subsequent days, others took it upon themselves to pitch in to clear it—and skate.

Friends of Elberta was started by Jen Condon Whiting and Jim Barnes. The group now meets at the Mayfair Tavern on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 7 pm, and they have a Facebook page. Many people contributed to the Fire & Ice party. Jen Whiting brought a grill and hot dogs. Sue Oseland brought cocoa, tea lights and luminaries. Emily Votruba and Eric Pyne made torches to line the path to the rink, and Eric, Bill Soper, Bill O’Dwyer, and Steve Hagen did last-minute pond clearing and parking lot plowing. Bill Soper was the bonfire master. Jeannie Sikes went around to resale places buying up skates to lend out. Cathy Anderson made a great flier to publicize the event. Coach Reznich lit the torches during the party. Thirty dollars in spontaneous donations were collected.

About 100 people total, including a ton of kids, showed up to skate and commune with each other in this unique park space. Stories went around about skating days past: skating to Frankfort across the bay, skating in the then-open water behind where the Village office is now; how, back in the day, kids would cut a hole in the ice near where the car ferries came to port, and when a boat came in, it would cause the water to rise in the rink, and by the time the boat left, there’d be a perfect frozen disk of ice to skate on. Ella Whiting started out thinking she couldn’t skate and, according to her mom, she was Peggy Fleming by the end of the day.

What’s your skating story? If you don’t have one yet, you can make one at Penfold Park. Meanwhile, Friends of Elberta will be coming up with more fun things to do in the Village. Ψ

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Friends of Elberta Meet Tonight at Mayfair

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A new NGO, formed in late January, meets for the fourth time tonight at the Mayfair Tavern at 7 pm. The mission is “to preserve, promote, celebrate, and enhance the quality of life in Elberta.” All are welcome.

Agenda items for this meeting include a recap of the Fire & Ice Skating party the group held on Sunday, February 9 at Penfold (Farmers’ Market) Park. About 50 people attended that event, including many children. Some ice skates were provided along with hot dogs and hot cocoa. Torches lit a pathway to the rink, which was cleared by volunteers. A large bonfire warmed participants.

Future projects to be discussed include creating a walking map/brochure for the Village, fundraising for park preservation, a tribal and immigrant historical marker and flower garden at Penfold Park, a summer block party, and enhancements to the Farmers’ Market.—Emily Votruba

Mini Million Mask March in Benzonia

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By Robert Bruce Bushway

UPDATED 11/7/13

On November 5, supporters of the activist group Anonymous rallied all around the world to protest corporate greed and government corruption. Here at home, while some citizens in Benzonia were lined up at the fire station Tuesday to cast their ballot in the general election, 9 14 protesters of Occupy Benzonia stood on the corner of River Road just across the street, holding signs and urging drivers to honk if they loved freedom. I had a chance to speak with a few of them and listen to their grievances.

One member held a sign that read “Freedom Isn’t Free.” He expressed his concerns about the NSA, government corruption, and economic inequality. This young man is 23 20 and has three children. He spoke of an upcoming interview for a minimum-wage job. Read the rest of this entry »