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What Do You Think of Our Plan?

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The final draft of the Village of Elberta Parks and Recreation Plan for 2009–14 is now up on the Village website. As soon as the official notice is published in the Record-Patriot this Wednesday, the official five-week public comment period begins. This is a very important document for the Village and the community at large. In it Parks and Rec spells out residents’ desires for improvements to all of Elberta’s many parks, including the Waterfront Park, Elberta Beach, Elberta Dunes South, and our portion of the Betsie Valley Trail. This document is the product of many hours of discussion in council meetings, Parks and Rec meetings, and the public input session we held on April 18. Please take time to read the document and offer your input and insight. We want to enhance the Elberta experience for everyone. The final public hearing on this plan will be held October 17 at 7 pm, before the regular council meeting at which it may be adopted. Download the pdf using the link below and/or get yourself a hard copy at the Village Office. Submit your comments by mail to the Parks and Recreation Commission, PO Box 8, Elberta, MI 49628 or by e-mail to—Emily Votruba, Parks and Rec member

Village of Elberta Recreation Plan 2014–2019 final draft for public hearing

A Brefe, Tempestuous Historie of Lakeside Shakespeare in which Our Brave Players—and Manye Volontiers—Battle the Elementf, with Engineering Mofte Civill

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Lakeside Shakespeare’s last performance of the season, The Comedy of Errors, takes place tonight on Tank Hill at 7 pm. On July 5, Emily Votruba interviewed Janet La Rue Buck, Elizabeth Laidlaw, Amy Daniels Moehle, and Peter Dully, on the porch of the La Rue House Bed & Breakfast, where the Bucks have hosted six seasons’ worth of these Chicago thespians. She learned how Lakeside Shakespeare got started, how it continues with the help of our community, and why the troupe isn’t performing in Elberta … for now.

Elizabeth Laidlaw, founder and director of Lakeside Shakespeare, Frankfort and Elberta’s very own summer theater troupe

Janet La Rue Buck, proprietor of the La Rue House Bed & Breakfast, born and raised in the Village, and very widely traveled beyond

Amy Daniels Moehle, outreach coordinator for Lakeside Shakespeare, in charge of year-round programming, volunteers, and publicity for the organization

Peter Dully, managing director of Lakeside Shakespeare, oversees all physical aspects of the production

Owen, son of Elizabeth Laidlaw

Emily Votruba, a reporter for the Elberta Alert

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Blast from the Future: “Shakespeare Play”

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The Alert will be presenting a series of essays written by local kids for the annual Bruce Catton Awards essay contest for ninth graders. Since Lakeside Shakespeare will give a preview performance of Romeo and Juliet tonight on Tank Hill, it seems fitting to begin with this essay by Brittanie Bower, about a memorable night involving the Bard. Brittanie enters tenth grade at Frankfort–Elberta High School this fall. Special thanks to FEAS teacher Rebecca Hubbard for facilitating this series!


By Brittanie Bower

I’ve never been known to go to a Shakespearean play. Never in a million years would I have thought of even going to one, but I guess that all changed last summer.

I was at the Frankfort beach lying on my towel next to my boyfriend at the time, both of us thinking of how beautiful the beach was. There were a lot of seagulls that day, chomping at the bit, trying to get a bite of our pizza, circling around us like lions waiting for the right moment to pounce. We looked at each other and started laughing. He thought that it would be funny to throw my sandwich to the devils. I just glared at him.  He then started laughing hysterically. I couldn’t stay “mad” at him. His laugh was too funny, so I started laughing.

Ten minutes later his mother showed up. It was hard to say goodbye. He looked at me and said, “Just to let you know, you’re coming with us to see the Hamlet play by Paul Oliver.”  I shot up into the air with excitement, and replied with an energetic “Yes!” I don’t really know why I said yes.  I mean I’ve never learned about Shakespeare, let alone “Hamlet.”  I was told that it was like “The Lion King,” so I knew it had to be good.

When we got there, there was a ton of people there.  You could just tell by my walk that I felt awkward.

Finally the play started.  It wasn’t like I thought it was going to be. The characters were all up in your face, leaving twists and turns. I felt kind of bad that I was asking Zoltan a lot of questions. Yet you can’t a hate a girl for trying to understand what is going on. When the break came, he explained everything to me.  Through the rest of it, I understood. The characters were so good that I literally started tearing up. When it was all over I was a changed girl. I had no idea how exhausted I was when it was done. I thanked them so much for bringing me and sharing this amazing experience with me.

I’ve got to say that was my most memorable and amazing day in Benzie County.

Psst…Party at Juliet’s House

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By Emily Votruba

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On May 25 at 7 pm, Frankfort–Elberta’s very own Lakeside Shakespeare Theatre company will transform Oliver Art Center into the House of Capulet for “An Evening in Verona”—a fun theatrical party with a purpose.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door, which gets you local food and wine as well as entertainment. But just as important, says Amy Daniels-Moehle, Lakeside’s new director of community development, is that the company wants us all to get to know each other better. “They come every year and they’re here and gone so quickly. The rehearsals start in Chicago during the second week in June. They practice like crazy until they arrive July 20, they stay until August 2 and then they go back to their other jobs.”

Lakeside Shakespeare has been coming here every summer since 2003, just for us.

On May 15 the troupe Read the rest of this entry »